Voluntary Disclosure

Voluntary Disclosure

By returning to tax compliance through penalty-free voluntary disclosures, tax offices face challenges that in many cases cannot be met.

Income from complex financial products, different legal situations within the subsequent declaration period, and confusing and unsatisfactory bank records are pitfalls for successful voluntary disclosure. Simple manual entry or determination of income usually creates potential errors and thus significant risks to the success of voluntary disclosure.

Our solution

Risk mitigation through software developed in-house to create voluntary disclosures – German Tax Reporting – greatly increases efficiency by automating the calculation and assessment process. With this software and our professional expertise, we can calculate capital gains faster and more accurately. For our clients, this also means cost savings with the certainty of successful voluntary disclosure.

Our expertise in implementation

As we have successfully followed a large number of voluntary returns, we have extensive experience and specific expertise in calculating taxable investment income in this context.

The challenge: a complete income statement

Reporting income from securities assets for tax purposes is generally a complex and detailed topic as all cash flows must be correctly reported.

In addition to the direct obligation of taxpayers, in recent years, in cooperation with law firms, defence lawyers and third-party tax advisors, we have conducted a series of voluntary returns. In these cases, we are tasked with calculating earnings for reasons of efficiency. The associate receives annual income calculations (detailed reports as well as KAP attachments) for submission to tax authorities.