Income Tax and International Deployment of Personnel

Income Tax and International Deployment of Personnel

Income tax and deployment of international staff

Employers are faced with increasingly complex rules regarding income tax and social security laws, as well as constant changes in laws, financial management concepts and payroll jurisdictions. This entails high costs and liability risks for companies.

Furthermore, intensive market networking, the international transfer of expertise in the form of personnel deployment and the globalization of companies are today something that is taken for granted and promotes competitiveness.

As a result, employers and their employees are faced with the applicable regulations of the respective country, as well as national tax and social laws.

Our experts will be happy to advise you together with colleagues from BDO International in 167 countries as competent partners, developing customized solutions for you for national and international issues.

Your advantages in the country and abroad

  • Minimizing tax risks
  • Internationally coordinated approaches
  • An effective implementation policy that reduces costs