Customs, Excise Duties and Foreign Trade Law

Customs, Excise Duties and Foreign Trade Law

Indirect taxes such as customs duties and excises are becoming increasingly important for businesses. Our experts from our German Customs, Excise and Foreign Trade Department based in Berlin advise our clients on a wide range of indirect taxes as well as aspects of foreign trade law. We work with our clients to develop indirect taxation strategies that are aligned with their business strategies.

Our team of experts is happy to assist your company in domestic and international business transactions, relying on our interdisciplinary expertise and optimal use of synergistic effects due to the proximity of our VAT department and other special units of BDO.

BDO will help you with what you are looking for:

  • Proactive customs and/or foreign trade law, as well as excise duty review (checking of your company, which includes in-depth investigations)
  • Recommendations for optimization of customs, foreign trade and excise law, guidelines during structural changes (new trade flows, legal reorganizations, implementation of new accounting software, etc.) and submission of requests for decision-making, representation against administration and courts
  • Support during a customs audit or a dispute with the customs and/or foreign trade administration
  • Execution of excise formalities for periodic declarations and associated returns
  • Training and support in matters of customs, excise duties and foreign trade law
  • Coordination of compliance projects with international customs and foreign trade law
  • Consulting in other/related areas such as:
  • renewable energy
  • combined heat and energy
  • insurance tax
  • air max
  • vehicle tax
  • agricultural duties, export refunds, internal market rules

We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about you and your business. This will allow us to find efficient and economical ways to support your business and even develop new ideas together with you for further projects.