Tax Reconciliation Services

Tax Reconciliation Services

Declaration services

Reliable and qualified filing and tax enforcement services are the foundation of a lasting client relationship and trust. Qualified structural recommendations require detailed knowledge of the client's circumstances and needs. The knowledge gained through declaration services is an excellent basis for complete business, legal and tax consulting, on which the long-term success of our clients is based.

Tax compliance services

To fulfil all tax obligations, we support you through the process of preparing tax returns for legal entities and individuals, as well as all related preparations and follow-up work. In addition to profit tax, trade tax, VAT or income tax, we also prepare separate and uniform profit determination, dividend tax return and preliminary VAT return, and we also deal with electronic submission to the tax administration.


By managing financial accounting, we can help you relieve burdens, especially those related to document entry and account reconciliation. Here we use modern processing techniques to exchange data with you or, for example, credit institutions.

Internal control is ensured by constantly updated business analyses. In the context of payroll, we specifically process monthly payrolls, including determination of vacation pay, calculation, entry and verification of payroll tax and social security contributions, travel expenses, and clarification of all payroll tax issues. Based on the financial accounting received from you or us, we prepare annual financial statements for commercial and tax purposes and report on them based on professional legal principles (IDW S 7). Furthermore, we support you in meeting all related legal obligations, including submissions to relevant public authorities.

Appeals/tax disputes

If necessary, we file objections to tax assessments, take legal action before fiscal courts or appeal to the Federal Fiscal Court.

Optimization of group structure/tax rate

We analyze the tax situation of a group of companies and minimize the tax burden concerning, for example, fiscal unity, transfer prices or group restructuring.

Tax audit support

We monitor and support you in discussing tax issues with tax authorities and prevent incorrect tax assessments during tax audits.