M&A Tax and Legal Services

M&A Tax and Legal Services

At BDO, you will find a team specialized in medium-sized companies, which supports companies and, if necessary, their tax advisors in optimizing the structure of their group.

Whether it is a merger (M&A), changes in legal form or separation, we accompany our clients throughout the entire process.

Our experienced consultants know how to find answers to the following questions:

  • What measures can be taken to achieve the desired goal?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of these measures?
  • What are the opportunities and risks from the perspective of income tax and real estate transactions?
  • What happens to international subsidiaries, parent companies or permanent establishments?
  • What does transformation mean from a labour law, accounting or financing perspective?
  • Once the selection is made, what preparatory work is required?
  • What coordination with the tax authorities is required in advance?
  • How do you draft contracts that will be publicly available while revealing as little of the company's internal affairs as possible to outsiders?

BDO as a team: One solution for the entire process

The group tax optimization team is well networked within BDO, both nationally and internationally, so we can reinforce our team with additional experts, for example in the areas of inheritance tax, value added tax, transfer pricing, valuation or legal advice, depending on the needs of the individual project.

Our services for optimizing your corporate structure

Our tax and legal experts offer you the following services:

  • Tax structuring, as desired and in cooperation with our international colleagues in the BDO network
  • Process management
  • Coordination with tax authorities
  • Drafting of contracts in cooperation with the legal department
  • Coordination with the notary public for the preparation of appointments with the notary public