BDO LEAD gives users the possibility to save leases that are viewed in a central database and thus analyze the entirety of leases according to different criteria. BDO LEAD can flexibly adapt to different information storage requirements.


With BDO LEAD you can put your rental contracts on a quantitative basis. Once the lease payments have been entered, BDO LEAD calculates the present value of the lease payments, and thus the amount of the lease liability and right-of-use assets. You also have the opportunity to track changes and re-evaluations related to the lease.


Information stored in the database can be used for rental analysis. The basic version of BDO LEAD contains various analysis tools that can be individually adapted to the user and the sector by including additional options.

  • General analysis/queries
  • Disclosure in notes required by IFRS 16


The measurement results can be used not only for the analysis of the existing rental situation, but also for the integration of information with the existing accounting system. Leases can be transferred to the accounting system using an automatic or semi-automatic interface, to reflect the financial reporting situation.