Forensics, Risk and Compliance

Forensics, Risk and Compliance

Numerous corporate crises and corporate collapses in the recent past have highlighted the crucial importance of independent and critical monitoring of companies. Also, internal auditing makes an important contribution to increasing the company's value by optimizing business processes.

BDO can partially or fully perform audit activities for companies, provide assistance in setting up and re-harmonizing internal audits, and evaluate the effectiveness and adequacy of internal control and internal audit systems.

The threat of misappropriation, supply and price fixing, theft, balance sheet manipulation, embezzlement, corruption and fraud has now also become a serious threat to businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Thanks to appropriate preventive measures, companies can significantly reduce the risk of such damage. However, where there are already specific grounds for suspecting a criminal offence, the immediate taking of appropriate measures and the professional conduct of a special audit is essential to identify those responsibly and minimize the damage to the company.

The spectrum of our forensic services refers to companies that have become victims of illegal business or want to take preventive measures.

Litigation, arbitration and dispute counselling

In the context of, for example, business and shareholder disputes, as well as differing opinions on the content of sales contracts in corporate transactions, the company may suffer significant financial damage, and the image of the company may be permanently damaged.

With its litigation, arbitration and dispute consultancy, BDO offers comprehensive services in the event of national and international legal disputes, both in litigation and arbitration.

As a result of the cooperation of our experts in the fields of auditing, tax consulting, law and consulting, as well as our many years of experience in consulting business and our technical and human resources, we can immediately respond with a high standard of quality to our client's concerns.

In doing so, BDO consists of an interdisciplinary team from multiple locations with years of dispute resolution experience and access to the global BDO network. Therefore, you can rely on our support in the field of litigation, arbitration and dispute counselling.