Financial Services Insurance

Financial Services Insurance

Professional support

BDO has bundled support for insurers and reinsurers as well as provident funds, statutory health insurers and insurance brokers in an Industry Expertise Centre for Insurance. As a result, we are able to offer ideal interdisciplinary teams.
Our many years of experience and the excellent professional qualification of our industry-oriented and continuously trained employees form the basis for the quality of our work. 

A trusting and professional relationship with our clients is important to us: we therefore assign each client a central expert contact, the client service partner, who advises you whatever your questions may be, and coordinates your concerns. Our teams regularly have a high proportion of experienced professionals.

Our company is represented on major professional committees and has access to the latest issues, which we in turn discuss with our clients in order to develop solutions. For example, we offer optimisation of risk management structures in the sense of MaRisk and preparation for Solvency II. In addition, valuation of insurance policies and insurance stocks is one of our core competencies.

Beyond this, we regularly hold client events, where current issues are taken up and discussed with practical relevance.

Auditing and consulting for statutory health insurers requires additional specialisation; we do justice to this through a special division within the Industry Expertise Centre with a special training programme. This is where we are currently handling projects for the conversion of financial accounting to commercial accounting and offering support for mergers; we are also focusing on new solutions in risk management and controlling.

Service portfolio of the Industry Expertise Centre for Insurance

The general performance spectrum includes:

For private insurance providers

  • Auditing
  • Internal auditing
  • Audit-related consultancy
  • Special tax consultancy
  • Advisory

For statutory health insurance providers

  • Auditing of the annual financial statements
  • Auditing of business management
  • Data analysis