Accounting and Financial Accounting

Accounting and Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is an essential instrument of operational corporate management. It is about more than entering documents and determining sales tax. High-quality and timely financial accounting and meaningful assessments and analyzes are the foundation of good consulting and your operational decision-making processes.

We offer entrepreneurial added value!

Free yourself from working hours and travel routes. You can transfer certificates digitally, study grades on a tablet, and find information in a digital archive online - when and where you want. Safe and simple.

We prepare your payment transactions, take over the management of receivables and payables, maintain and administer the digital archiving of documents, archive them in an audit-proof manner and make all information available electronically for tax audits.

Take advantage of electronic invoices. Regardless of whether they are created using an Office solution or an ERP system, you can send and receive GoBD-compliant invoices in the format you want. Efficient, no manual activities, no media breaks.

We visualize your success using understandable KPIs. Whether it's a profit and loss account, a list of due dates, or an analysis of liquidity and turnover. Define key figures and be notified immediately in case of deviations.

Identify critical key figures and any need for action at an early stage. Use your accounting system as a comprehensive database and information. From the account to the e-balance, everything is from one source.

Financial accounting and bookkeeping services

  • Posting current business transactions
  • Digital recording and booking and interface solutions without media interruption
  • According to regulations on business and tax accounting and other accounting needs
  • Accounting of fixed assets and monthly depreciation for accounting purposes
  • Online trading
  • Calculation of provisions and accrual accounting
  • Checking incoming invoices by invoice requirements
  • Monitoring delivery and purchase thresholds
  • Preparation and submission of advance sales tax declarations and summary notices
    • Claims/liabilities management:
    • improve payment modalities through timely payment proposals
    • individual payment terms and cash discounts
    • SEPA order for direct debit and collection
    • payment reminder and reminders
  • Archiving your digital documents without auditing
  • Business analysis and consulting
  • Profit and loss account
  • Cost accounting
  • Ageing, ranking, liquidity and cash flow
  • Company data and analysis
  • Individual reporting
  • Constant monitoring of business development and key figures of the company
  • Annual financial statements and tax returns

Based on monthly financial accounting, which takes into account all requirements, we prepare and transmit for you following the applicable regulations:

  • Annual financial report in accordance with commercial and tax law
  • E-balance
  • Digital financial report
  • Tax return