Vision and mission

BDO Croatia d.o.o. is bound to set new standards in auditing methods and programs and is doing so by constantly perfecting and staying up to date with development of new technologies, as well as investing in knowledge of our employees.

Thanks to our knowledge and long term work experience, it is our pleasure to be a reliable partner and to service our clients with our full range of quality services alongside business excellence which fulfill all of their needs.

Our vision

To become partners of choice.

In our company we all share a compelling vision: to create sustainable growth by positioning ourselves as leaders in our industry.

Our growth comes from two main sources: knowledge and quality people.

Our mission

To become leaders in Croatia and make our name well known to all potential clients.

Our values

We are committed to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.

Competition is healthy. It motivates us to constantly improve ourselves and to aim to be the best..

Our people are our greatest investment.

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